UniversityDesignation / TitleNameResearch AreasEmailPhone No.
1Head of Research and Postgraduate Studies/ Associate Professor Dr.Nyam Kar LinLipids nanotechnology for food and skincare products Microencapsulation technology and formulation (spray drying, complex coacervation, etc) Fats and Oils Chemistry and Technology (Extraction, purification, refining, characterisation, analysis, etc) Functional Food Development and Sensory
2Head of Department, Food Science with Nutrition/ Assistant Professor Dr.Pui Liew PhingEdible film Microencapsulation of probiotics and fruit juice Fraud detection in food 3D printing of
3Associate Professor Dr.Chan Hor KuanFood Product development Probiotics Obesity and bone
4Associate Professor Dr.Ivan Ho Chun WaiFlavour Technology Functional Beverages Product Development Antioxidant and Anti-ageing Maillard Reaction
5Associate Professor Dr.Grrace Ng Hui SuanBioseparation Technology - Downstream Processing Microalgae Fermentation and Biorefinery Recovery and Bioactivities of Natural Products Fermentation and Bioprocess
6Associate Professor Dr.Eric Chan Wei ChiangPhytochemistry Biomaterials Green
Assistant Professor Dr.Tan Choon HuiFunctional food development Food preservation and shelf life study Biocomposite for food packaging Fats and oils
8Assistant Professor Dr.Stephenie Wong Yoke WeiFood safety in food service operation Probiotics: screening and microencapsulation
10Dr.Kuan Chee HaoFood 03-91018880