FIFSTA is a regional grouping of national scientific organisations representing food scientists and technologists from nine ASEAN countries viz.:


















  • Enhance development of food science technology as a profession;
  • Support development of the food industry in the ASEAN region.

The presidency is rotated once every 2 years amongst member countries. Usually the country which is going to host the next ASEAN Food Conference will be the President, once the handover of the current AFC is concluded. Meetings are held at least once a year.

The member organisations can seek help of each other in their various activities and projects. One of the main project of FIFSTA has been the biennial ASEAN Food Conference organised in collaboration with ASEAN COST (Committee on Science & Technology).

International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST)

The International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) is the global federation of national scientific organizations representing more than 300,000 food scientists and technologists from over 75 countries. IUFoST has five regional groupings: ALACCTA representing Central and South America, EFFoST representing Europe, FIFSTA representing the ASEAN region, MENAFoST representing the MIddle East and North Africa, and WAAFoST representing West Africa. IUFoST links the world’s food scientists and technologists in strengthening global food science and technology for humanity.

MIFT is a member of IUFoST paying annual membership fees.