UniversityDesignation / TitleNameResearch AreasEmailPhone No.
1Food Science Programme director, senior lecturer/ DrNeo Yun PingFood contact material, food composition analysis, food product
2Food Science Lecturer/ MsChew Lye YeeNutritional science, bioactive peptides, chemical analysis of
3Food Science Senior lecturer/ DrChan Sook WahFood processing, valorization of food waste, food product
4Food Science Senior lecturer/ DrYan See WanNutritional science, sensory science, food
5Food Science Senior lecturer/ DrYeo Siok KoonFood processing, food biotechnology, food safety, prebiotics,
6Culinology Programme director, senior lecturer/DrChong Li ChooFood processing, food product 012-5569162
7Culinology Senior lecturer/DrWendy Lim Pek KuiFood safety, food quality
9Culinology lecturer/MsWong Fang LianNutritional science, sensory