UniversityDesignation / TitleNameResearch AreasEmailPhone No.
1Associate Professor and Head of Discipline, Food and Physical Sciences/ Associate Prof.Siow Lee FongMicroencapsulation & controlled release of bioactive compounds Thermal properties and phase transition of fats and oils Freezing and drying technology Food product developmentsiow.lee.fong@monash.edu03 5514 6034
2Director of Tropical Medicine & Biology Multidisciplinary Platform/ Prof.Sadequr RahmanApplications of molecular biology, genetics and genomics for food security and environmental health.sadequr.rahman@monash.edu03 5514 6083
3Associate Prof.Lim Yau YanAntioxidants, Bioactivity, herbal plants processing - drying, transition metal chemistry, Food chemistry, natural products, inorganic chemistrylim.yau.yan@monash.edu03 5514 6103
4Dr.Choo Wee SimFunctional foods, phytochemicals and their bio-activities, natural colourants, probiotics and prebiotics, bioactive compounds in foodschoo.wee.sim@monash.edu03 5514 6114
5Dr.Lee Yee YingEdible fats and oils field which focuses on the chemical/enzymatic structural modification (esterification, transesterification, hydrolysis and glycerolysis) of edible fats and oils for the synthesis of functional lipid that can serve to manage/treat various health complications.lee.yeeying@monash.edu03 5515 9716
6Dr.Thoo Yin YinValue-added food products, organogels, biodegradable film and antioxidants and their application to food science and technology.thoo.yin.yin@monash.edu03 5514 5691
7Ms.Lee Sin YeeSupercritical fluid technology (extraction, particle formation, encapsulation, co-precipitation) Processing of natural products and polymerslee.sinyee@monash.edu03 5515 9609