UniversitySectorDiploma / Degree / Master / PhDProgrammes Available
UPMPublicDegreeBachelor Of Science (Food Service Management) With Honors
UPMPublicDegreeBachelor Of Food Science and Technology With Honors
UPMPublicDegreeBachelor Of Science (Food Studies) With Honors
UPMPublicDegreeBachelor Of Science in Food Manufacturing Operations with Honors
UPMPublicMasterMaster Of Food Safety and Quality Assurance (By Course Work)
UPMPublicMasterMaster Of Food Technology (By Course Work)
UPMPublicMasterMaster of Science in Food Security and Climate Change
UKMPublicDegreeBachelor Of Science with Honours (Food Science and Nutrition)
UKMPublicDegreeBachelor Of Science with Honours (Food Science with Business Management)
UKMPublicMasterMaster of Science (Food Science)
USMPublicDegreeBachelor of Technology (Hons) (Food)
USMPublicMasterMaster of Science (Food Technology)
USMPublicPhDDoctor of Philosophy
UiTMPublicDegreeBachelor of Science (Hons) Food Science and Technology
UiTMPublicMasterMaster Of Science in Food Science and Technology
UiTMPublicMasterMaster Of Science (Food Science and Technology) Research
UiTMPublicPhDDoctor of Philosophy (Science) Research
UMTPublicDegreeBachelor of Food Science (Food Technology)
UMTPublicDegreeBachelor of Food Science (Food Service and Nutrition)
USIMPublicDegreeBachelor of Science (Hons) – Food Biotechnology
UTHMPublicDegreeBachelor in Food Service Technology (Hons)
UMSPublicDegreeFood Science and Nutrition Programme
UMSPublicDegreeFood Technology and Bioprocessing Programme
UMSPublicDegreeFood Service Programme
UMSPublicMasterMaster of Science (Food Safety and Quality)
UMSPublicPhDDoctor of Philosophy (Food Science)
UniszaPublicDegreeBachelor of Food Technology (Hons)
UniszaPublicDegreeBachelor of Halal Food Development
UniszaPublicMasterMaster of Science (Food Processing)
UniszaPublicPhDDoctor of Philosophy (Food Processing)
USIMPublicMasterMaster of Science (Foodomics and Food Technology)
USIMPublicPhDDoctor of Philosophy in Science and Technology
UTSPublicDegreeBachelor of Food Technology (Hons)
UTSPublicMasterMaster of Science in Applied Sciences
UTSPublicPhDDoctor of Philosophy in Applied Sciences
UTARPrivateDegreeBachelor of Science (Hons) Food Science
TARCPrivateDiplomaDiploma in Food Science
TARCPrivateDegreeBachelor of Science (Hons) in Food Science
TARCPrivateMasterMaster of Science (Food Science)
TARCPrivatePhDDoctor of Philosophy (Food Science)
UCSIPrivateDegreeBachelor of Food Science (Hons)
UCSIPrivateMasterMaster of Food Studies
UCSIPrivatePhDDoctor of Philosophy in Food Studies
TaylorPrivateDegreeBachelor of Food Science (Hons)
TaylorPrivateMasterMaster of Food Studies
TaylorPrivatePhDDoctor of Philosophy in Food Studies
MonashPrivateDegreeBachelor of Food Science and Technology
MonashPrivateMasterMaster in Food Science and Agribusiness
MonashPrivatePhDDoctor of Philosophy
UniKLPrivateDiplomaDiploma in Chemical Engineering Technology (Food)
UniKLPrivateDegreeBachelor of Food Safety and Quality Technology